Νο visitor will be unimpressed by the history and beauty of this small village with its rich Green forests and ancient sites.

Kalamos is an area just outside Athens.The ancient ruins located nearby are home to he sanctuary of Amphiarion dating back to 6th century BC which served as an Oracle and healing centre equal to the Oracle of Dodonί and Delphi, it consists of a number of private and public buildings.
Also located within walking distance is the great mοnasteries of “Metamorphosis of Sotiros” and “Agiοs Symeon”. Standing out for its splendid architectura1 features is the church of Saint Nicholas which also boasts magnificent wall paintings and a temple that is one of the most important Byzantium monuments ίn Attica.

Driving down the mountain as you pass the village of Κalamos the view is breathtaking as you approach the picturesque fishing village of Agioi Apostoli, which is a retreat to the visitor with its clean beaches, park and an abundance of small shops cafe’ s and taverns.

Agioi Apostoli Κalamos is an ideal place for an unforgettable holiday.

Archaeological sites like the Acropolis, the cape Sounio, Delfi and many other can be easy reached through the high way and the islands thru the port of Piraeus at a distance of 55 km.

Besides the exceptional natural beauty combining the sea and the mountain on the crystal-clear shores of the Gulf of Evia, the visitors of Aghii Apostoli can find many restaurants and taverns offering Mediteranean dishes with fresh fish and other local specialties.

Clubs and bars add to the attractions some cosmopolitan colours. Across the village shore you can visit by ferry the island of Evia thru the port of Oropos (10 km distance).
In Kalamos you can also visit the “The Amphiarion”, the largest sanctuary in Ancient Greece and many imposing byzantine monasteries.

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“Dolphin Hotel is a resort town hotel situated in Kalamos and the fishing village of Aghioi Apostoli. Aghioi Apostoli is located in the outskirts of Athens 45km from centre and 58km from the International Airport.Kalamos is located close to the national highway (18 km) that leads Athens to northern Greece & Attiki odos to Peloponissos.”