Oropos Attica-Oracle Site

The Amphiaraeion Oracle

The Amphiaraeion
The Amphiaraeion of Oropos (Greek: ΆμφιαρείονΩρωπού) is an archeological site in Attica. It is located on a hill about 6 km southeast of Oropos, northwest of Kalamos. It was a sanctuary and an oracle dedicated to the mythical hero Amphiaraos. It was founded in the 5th century BC when the area of Oropos belonged to the Athenians. Inside the sanctuary there was an oracle and an infirmary operating. In the area, a festival called Amphiaria used to take place every five years in honor of Amphiaraos, which included athletic competitions.

Temple of Amphiaraos
The early 4th-century BCE temple of Amphiaraos was of an unusual Doric hex style, i.e. it has six columns across the front façade between small projecting walls. Inside the temple there was the statue of Amphiaraos. Pausanias the wanderer, says that the altar was dedicated to five groups:

– Heracles, Zeus and Apollo the Healer (Παιών)
– Heroes and heroes’ wives
– Hestia, Hermes, Amphiaraos, and of the children of Amphiaros, named Amphilochos
– Aphrodite, Panacea (“all-cure”), Iaso, Hygeia, and Athena the Healer (Παιωνία)
– Nymphs and Pan; the rivers Achelous and Cephisus

Oropos Attica – Monastery

Monastery of Virgin Mary

The Holy Women Cenobitic Monastery of Virgin Mary belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Attica. It celebrates according to the new calendar of the Greek Church on 21 November. It was built from scratch on the high place that is today, situated 2,5 km from the village of Markopoulo. The monastery was founded in 1968.

Two years later the first 4 sisters were permanently settled in this place, which used to be a deserted and wild landscape, back then. With primitive living through many hardships, they succeeded with faith and self-sacrifice to accomplish their holy craving.

The Virgin, whom the monastery was dedicated to, blessed the place and the Brotherhood. Today, 32 years since the founding of the monastery, there have been subsumed around the first Abbot Nun, NymfodoraStraga, 25 Sisters from Tripoli Arcadia, which long for the life of monasticism and love of the Angelic Scheme.

Today many pilgrims visit the monastery. There is a regular bus service between winter and summer, with a 700m stop from the Holy Monastery.

From the highway to the entrance of the monastery there are several informative signs. In the monastery there are kept the Holy Relics of the saints: Panteleimon, Chrysostom, Charalambous, Tryphon, Paraskevis, Eleftherios and other Saints, which are exposed to veneration during large celebrations.

Kalamos Attica – Monastery

Monastery of Saint Simeon

In memory of the top secret theologian Saint Symeon, the New Theologian, and founded on the wishes of the God-bearing saint of our times, the late Elder Porphyrius the visionary, the Stavropegic and Holly Monastery of Saint Symeon the New Theologian is situated 3 kilometers away from Kalamos in a panoramic location.

“As it stands among the pines floating in the blue background of sea and sky, it composes internally and externally the holy spirit “the dove”of the inhabitants of the central county of the country. This same “dove” as it used to come down like fire from heaven and stood at the head of St. Simeon each time he was performing the mass for 48 years in front of the astonished eyes of those who participated in the sacrament, as noted in a well-known daily newspaper journalist in Athens.

The monastery was founded on July 1st, 1986 and on July 13th, 1987: on July 1st the venerable Elder Porphyrius blessed profusely greetings and prayers and cross blessing over the place of the new monastery foretelling with joy the future path within the church. On July 13 with the blessing of the foundation of the first of cells, where again attended the Elder and filed the “humble prayer”, like a precious cornerstone in the new monastery. Equally were the blessings of the holy Elders of other two of our days, the Elder Paisius and Elder Iakovos. The former gave advance blessing and admonition for the construction of the Monastery, and the second during the first steps of its church path.

Kalamos Attica – Church

Saint Marina Church

A beautiful graphic seaside chapel, in a beautiful untouched forest surrounded by towering cliffs that protect it from the deep blue sea.

As you enter the courtyard St. Marina of Kalamos the view is really magnificent. The wonderful bay of Saints Apostles unfolds before you and your eyes fill with the blue of the sea. Chapels like that of Saint Marina of Kalamos which are built on such sites make you realize that apart from the spirituality of the sacrament, they also act as soul cleansing places because of the environment they belong to.

It makes you relax, forget, and start letting go as you remain to observe the landscape until the last glimmer of the sun setting light.

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